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All the apps and games can be installed directly from the app store. They are all organized into detailed subcategories so you can pick only one app for a task, a suite of programs for a project, play a few games for the weekend or set up a new computer with all your favorite software.

You can explore dozens of collections, from music players to budget planners and adventure games, and compare them by comparing their popularity, ratings and release date.

You can also find your needle in the haystack with a search filtered by platform type, file size, licence, price or ease of installation.

To help you discover new applications every so often, Allmyapps also handpicks a selection of apps every week, to highlights apps of high quality, utility and originality.

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Update all your apps at once

Allmyapps keeps all your apps up-to-date so you can just use your apps and not worry about missing a feature or using a deprecated version. The app store makes sure every app installed on your computer has been successfully updated and notifies you of any update available when necessary. You can then update all your apps at once, and move on to get things done.

Install your apps in one click

Allmyapps install your apps as fast and easy as possible. With the ‘one-click install' button, you can download an application from your app store and have it installed automatically on your computer, with the right settings. This way, your can keep your download folder organized, avoid the progress bar and skip all the tricky checkboxes. Your apps are ready to be launched in seconds, without being disturbed by unwanted toolbars and disguised advertising.

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Easy reinstall on any computer

Having a backup of all your applications can be a lifesaver so Allmyapps allows you to save all your applications online. Once your app store is connected to your account, all the apps are automatically detected and saved in the cloud, so you can recover them at any time, from anywhere and on any PC. You can now reinstall any one or all your software in one click or set up a brand new PC.

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