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Facebook Application for PC

We picked the best Facebook apps that you can install on your PC directly from the App Store. Facebook released two applications for PC Facebook Messenger, the Windows version of the mobile app that let's you chat and message with your friends, discover their latest updates and receive push notifications. This is a light app that can stay minimized while you work but notify you as soon as you've get new message, tags or events. * Facebook Video Calling is the official plugin for Windows to enable face-to-face video calls on the Facebook website. Easy to set up, it's the most efficient solution to videocall your friends and family without creating a new account. It uses the Skype technology for the best audio and video quality. We also recommends several unofficial Facebook apps developped and designed by independent developers: * FaceBook @Desktop, a light-weight client dedicated to Facebook that might help you separate productivity and networking. The app sits in your system tray, next to Allmyapps, ready to alert you as soon as new activity happens in your stream and profile. It can show discreet pop-ups that fade automatically if you ignore them. It's * Facebook Desktop (by Eric Zhang), a program similar to Facebook Messenger, to poke and chat with contacts and get quick notifications on the desktop,. * Easy Photo Uploader, an easy way resize and upload Facebook photos directly from your PC.