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20.000+ apps installed and counting!

At the beginning of this week, past the 20.000 application installations mark, which means that allmyapps helped you install more than 10.000 apps only in August! This is just great and we felt like blogging about it to thank you all! First of all, thanks to everyone of you who sent us feedbacks, reviews [...]

Build a list of your favorite apps and install them in 1 click with allmyapps!

Now that we are comfortably installed in our new offices, we can concentrate on rolling out new features for allmyapps! The planning is tight but the motivation is strong so expect new features to flow in regularly And it begins today with a brand new allmyapps release! As you probably already saw, the most visible [...]

New applications and packages shipped with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

When Ubuntu 9.04 went out last week, we were curious about the differences between the ubuntu 9.04 repository and the ubuntu 8.10 repository. We thought you could be interested too so we setup a page that lists the new applications that got included in the ubuntu 9.04 repository. It only lists the desktop applications and [...]

allmyapps now supports Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

It’s been now a lit bit more than 2 months that we’ve launched and so far we’re really happy with the feedbacks we get! It seems that more and more people like the allmyapps concept judging by our constantly growing number of visitors (although we did not make a lot of buzz around allmyapps [...]

allmyapps now with reviews and screenshots!

Last week, we updated allmyapps with some cool awaited features! In the past month, one of the most requested features was the ability to see screenshots from the applications. Screenshot support has now been added and, better, you will very soon be able to contribute your screenshots for each app! We also added support for [...]

allmyapps just got updated

If you came on allmyapps today, you probably noticed that we’ve updated the website a little. No big new features (screenshots will arrive in the next release) but little improvements : Improved category menu for easier navigation. Now you can open and close categories and see their sub menus without actually going the category page, [...]

allmyapps… one week after!

We’re really happy to see that you were numerous to try allmyapps last week, you were more than 700 to give it a try last friday! We received very positive feedbacks, new ideas and also a few bug reports of course Today, we updated allmyapps to fix an annoying little bug in the user agent [...]

allmyapps is alive!

Welcome to allmyapps, the first Linux App Store. allmyapps offers the easiest way for users to find and install their favorite desktop applications. This is our very first release and, as we have a lot of ideas, you can expect more functionality in the coming versions! We secretly hope that allmyapps will help foster the [...]