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How to install all your apps in 1 click

A tutorial video is now available about on how to install all the applications for your PC in just a few clicks. Watching this video is a time saver

Deux nouveaux comptes Twitter

Depuis le mercredi 7 juillet, Allmyapps bénéficie d’une nouvelle organisation au niveau de sa  présence sur Twitter. Ce n’est pas un, mais deux nouveaux comptes Twitter qui viennent de naitre. Vous connaissiez déjà le @allmyapps qui tweet uniquement en anglais, celui-ci sera désormais accompagné du @allmyapps_fr qui traitera de l’actualité d’Allmyapps, mais uniquement en langue [...]

Allmyapps bénéficiaire du label FCPI d’Oséo

C’est avec une grande joie, qu’Allmyapps vient de recevoir la certification Oséo d’ « entreprise innovante ». Cette qualification marque la reconnaissance de l’expertise et  de l’importance de la recherche chez Allmyapps. Techniquement, cette certification OSEO Innovation rend le capital d’Allmyapps immédiatement éligible aux FCPI (Fonds Commun de Placement dans l’Innovation), dont 60 % des sommes investies [...]

Scientipôle-Initiative soutient Allmyapps dans l’innovation

C’est avec un grand plaisir qu’Allmyapps vient de recevoir le soutien de Scientipôle-Initiative sous la forme d’un prêt de 40 000€. Ce soutien qui a été décerné à l’unanimité par le jury dirigé par Olivier Ezratty vise à soutenir la politique innovante d’Allmyapps. Pour rappel, Scientipôle Initiative a pour mission de permettre à des entreprises innovantes [...]

Allmyapps at Microsoft Bizspark Summit

The whole Allmyapps team attended this morning to the Microsoft Bizspark European Summit in Paris. The famous event received in the Parisian Microsoft headquarters high-level speakers with the famous Guy Kawasaki from Apple and Jean-Philippe Courtois, the President of Microsoft International. The day ended by a start-up pitch competition. It was a unique opportunity for [...]

Allmyapps pre-integrated in Element OS

After a long period of great cooperation with Kevin Thompson from ElementOS, we are pleased to announce you the integration of Allmyapps in the OS Element. Element is a Linux-powered open source operating system developed for EVTV Home theater, featuring an innovative across the room ‘ten-foot interface’ that is designed to be connected to your [...]

Free and fun windows apps

One of the new best apps coming this week on Allmyapps: Pivot Stickfigure Animator: Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a great application that allows you to create stick figure animations that range from the simple to impressive – with a little time and patience Frets on Fire : Frets on Fire is the Free Guitar Hero [...]

Allmyapps is a StartupAcademy winner

Last night, the Allmyapps team received the ‘Coup de coeur’ award from the StartupAcademy program. Receiving this prize was a real good surprise and the whole team is really proud of it. Thank you for all of you who voted for us, it reinforces us (even more) in our quest to make Allmyapps better and [...]

The seven must-have freeware of the week

The top seven Windows apps you should definitely use: 1 Earth-Alert Earth-Alert provides alert notifications and information on all natural events happening in the US. He gives you the latest information for the locations that interests you and presents it in a convenient arrangement of reports, maps and images. The real-time map is particularly addicting. [...]