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Sandbox construction game

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Minecraft is a Free First Person indie game created by Markus Persson, also known as Notch. In Minecraft, you will be able to build anything you can imagine, craft your own Minecraft items, get Minecraft texture packs and skins you want. Some people created a computer inside the game! The graphic will probably remind of your lego set you used to play as kid.

Minecraft allows you to play in Creative mode where you will have access to all the material you need and cannot die so you can focus on building amazing structures as pictured in the screenshots above. You can play this mode in Single player or in multiplayer with your friends or just one of the thousands of the free publics servers available.

The other mode is called Survival. To have access to the required materials to do your crafting and building you'll will need to dig mines, cut down trees and craft your tools and bricks. But beware of the night! Creatures come out at night and will try to kill you, because yes, in survival mode you can die and loose your equipments! This is the most addictive and fun mode to play in Minecraft. You can also play it in single or multiplayer mode.

The endless creation posibilities, basic gameplay and simple graphic makes minecraft a very addictive free game!

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